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Facemasks and Finals

With the stress of finals, we get so caught up with not taking care of ourselves, but these five tips make the process much more accessible to study and have time for self-care.

Tip 1: Drinking Water

drink a lot of water. When studying, always have a water bottle within arm's reach! I make a game out of it, and every time I finish a problem or read a paragraph, I take a sip of water. Additionally, according to the National Library of Medicine. You may reduce your anxiety just by sipping a glass of water. This is because the parasympathetic nerve system, which is in charge of the body's "rest and digest" reaction, is activated by water.

 Tip 2: Facemasks

As someone who loves to incorporate self-care with studying, I love putting a face mask on when studying. Since a facemask can only stay on for so long, I usually put it on when doing a task that takes less than 20 minutes, and once I am done, I rinse it off and go back to studying. When using a sheet mask, I take it off and let the moisture sink in. When I am extra stressed, I get more acne, and I use clay masks to help clear it up, which also helps me stop picking at my face. My favorite budget-friendly option is The Pore Clearing Clay Mask from Innisfree, and my favorite splurge face mask is the Biologique Recherche Masque.

Tip 3: Carving Out Time For Yourself

This is hard. I know from personal experience that it is hard to take care of yourself when all you want to do is study and get a good grade, but I make sure to have at least 45 minutes to myself without my phone to do something for myself. Some ideas I love to do for myself are reading, taking a bath, spending time with family and friends, eating food I love, journaling, and acknowledging my stress.

Tip 4: LED Face Mask

This idea is perfect if you are a skincare lover. When working or studying, I love using an LED face mask. I love this because I pick at my face when I am stressed or anxious, which causes much more harm. I love LED therapy because it can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, reduce blemishes, and even reduce hyperpigmentation from the comfort of your home. It is hard to find the right one, though; I love the CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask. It is pricey at $380, but it is worth it.

Tip 5: Create a Comfortable Space for Yourself

self-care is not just rubbing products on your face. My favorite tip is to make the place I study comfortable for me. I love lighting my favorite candle and grabbing all the right supplies for studying. I make my room bright to feel less anxious, ensure I have water and food(my favorite study food is blueberries because they are great for your memory), a distraction-free zone, and set up my intentions for the time I have. These are some things I do to create a comfortable space for myself. Even though it is excessive, making a space comfortable and organized is essential if you spend many hours in it.

These are just some of my tips for finals week to help navigate incorporating.

 Self-care during chaos and stress.

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